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  WE, NANTONG DONGHAI MACHINE GROUP exported different kinds of metal processing machines, such as shearing machine, press brake, plate bending machine, profile bending machine, leveling machine, hydraulic press and power punching machine to the market over the passing 20 years.

  NANTONG DONGHAI MACHINE GROUP HAS FOUR isolated manufacturing facilities/plants, which locating Nantong, Jiangsu Province, to manufacture around 2000 machines annually. We not only supply the reliable and durable machines but also supply good service/technical support after sales through its experienced staff.

  The machines manufactured by us are widely being used in various fields, such as petro-chemical industry, ship construction, metal construction, marine industry, pressure vessels, bridge construction, water/oil tanker, wind energy, automobiles, cooking utensils, polymer material and the other fields.

  The shearing machine can shearing the plate thickness from 1mm to 60mm and the shearing length from 1300mm to 13000mm. For the press brake, the bending thickness can be from 1mm to 50mm and the bending length can each 24000mm.

  NANTONG DONGHAI MACHINE GROUP will continue to endeavor to present products of international standard; we will never make compromises from what we had offered.

  We are involving in the technique innovation and technical improvement with the market, we have been offering, and will continue to supply alternatives quality assured metal processing machines.